• Pick Your Grub

    Check out what we are cooking up in the section in the top right corner. ORDER DUE THURSDAY FOR A SUNDAY DELIVERY

  • We Do The Cooking

    Skip the prep! Chef Jacob and team will do the hard work. We shop FRIDAY. Prep and cook SATURDAY. Chill overnight for a SUNDAY OR MONDAY DELIVERY

  • Fresh Delivery

    Right to your door or Gym. SUNDAY (local) or MONDAY (outside Grundy County) DELIVERY

  • Ready in a Flash

    Just warm it up! In under 2 minutes you're ready to eat farm to fridge awesomeness!


What do you mean Farm to your Fridge?

We focus on local, sustainable, and seasonal (when available) meals with emphasis on healthy-clean ingredients. Our meals are fully cooked. Some requre re-heating and others are ready to eat. Our goal is to bring these meals to you in the most efficient way possible. Stock up and eat them through out the week. Everything we cook has a SIX DAY SHELF LIFE.

Where and When do you Deliver?

We currently deliver to the residential Grundy County area every SUNDAY. We offer a pick up location at Crossfit Four D in Morris that is available every MONDAY. Pick up at your leisure. Our big goal is to have our meals available at local gyms and fitness centers. STAY TUNED!

When are the new Featured Dishes Released

Our menu changes seasonally and monthly. Jacob and Jacqueline's Pick will change every month. The Paleo meals will stay the same with different vegetables based on the season.

What is a good option to feed the whole family?

The a la carte menu is perfect for the whole family! Get 2 protein, 2 starch and 2 veggie options to feed a family of 3-6. Just heat up and serve!

I care most about macros, ratio, and food that fuels for my work out. What should I order?

MILKMAN MEALS!!! They are made for just for you!!! We label the macros. Each meal is portioned out and is high in lean protein, healthy starches, and power veggies. I will say that all of the ingredients on our menu are made with healthy nutrient rich ingredients. So if you see something you can't resist, GO FOR IT! No guilt in that game.

Lettuce cook for you!

Lettuce cook for you!

Browse through our weekly menu and let us take care of the the cooking.