Hi Guys!

We've got some exciting things ahead for Milkman as we head into the summer. We'll be taking the month of June off from our weekly deliveries to be able to focus on making Milkman Cafe even better for our customers. This means there will be no weekly orders or Sunday deliveries for all of June. While it bums us out that we won't be providing nutritious food (and the occasional guilty pleasure 😉) to everyone for a month, we want to take the time to put all our energy into making our business the best it can be. This includes more convenient pick up/drop off options, purchasing and creating exceptional product , and a few other projects that we have in mind to benefit our Milkman community.

Please, please reach out to us with any questions you may have, we're all about transparency when it comes to creating the best product for you guys. We're even thinking of doing a newsletter every other week to keep all our customers in the loop as we take the next steps for our business. If anyone is interested in that, please let us know!

We can't thank everyone enough for being such fantastic customers and we're looking forward to growing with you guys!

Thanks for everything,

Jacob and Jacqueline



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