It’s always been a dream of ours to own a small business together, so it is with a grateful heart that we welcome you to Milkman Cafe. Our passion is to bring you meals that are full of flavor, paying close attention to each component of the dish. From the time we pick up the fresh veggies at the market, to the homemade stock and slow roasted meats that are a staple of our meals, we strive to make every ingredient shine. 

The concept of Milkman Cafe comes from the things we love about our small town. We want that intimate connection with all of our customers, and delivering the food directly to you allows that. We’re able to hear what your favorite meal was last week, or what side dish you are looking forward to most this week. The instant feedback is essential to our success.


Jacob received a Culinary Arts degree in 2006 in the Le Cordon Bleu Program at The Culinary and Hospitality Institute of Chicago. He grew up in Coal City and moved to Chicago when he was 18. After graduating from the Culinary and Hospitality Institute, he dove into the Chicago restaurant industry working for The Walnut Room in Marshall Fields, Uncommon Grounds and Noodles by Takashi Yagihashi. He moved to San Diego in 2011 with his wife Jacqueline and worked for a farm-to-table restaurant as General Manager. Living in two big cities and working with a wide range of cuisine has allowed him to pursue all different aspects of the restaurant industry, picking up skills and knowledge that have stuck with him to this day.

He is the chef at Milkman Cafe and loves coming up with new recipes to try, as well as perfecting the staple dishes and customer favorites. When he’s not being the Milkman, Jacob enjoys stand-up comedy and bugging Jacqueline.


Jacqueline grew up in Rantoul, Illinois but has also lived in Oklahoma and San Diego. After meeting in Bloomington, Il where they were both going to school at the time, Jacqueline and Jacob decided to move out to San Diego where Jacqueline’s family had recently moved.

Her background is in coffee, managing two small business locations for 4 years.  She helped open the second location, playing a part in designing the new coffee bar, purchasing initial inventory, and organizing meet and greet/opening events.

Working for a small business allowed her to wear multiple hats and learn the ins-and-outs of running your own business. She does all the administrative work for Milkman, from mapping the delivery routes to processing orders and being the point of contact for customers. When she’s not on the computer making sure the Milkman stays organized, she is an Operations Assistant at Aldi and enjoys sewing and party planning/decorating.