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*high protien


Locally and humanely raised Heavily seasoned, seared, and slow-braised  Bone in chuck roasted in a house-made beef and tomato stock until tender and juicy. 

Heating Directions:

Open container slightly ajar. 30 seconds per 4oz. Stir every 30 seconds until heated through

Oven: Set to 425. Transfer to oven safe surface (The juices will be extracted from meat in cooking process so something with elevated sides is highly recommended). Spread so meat is distributed evenly. Roughly 4min per 4oz. Stir halfway through cooking. Cook until heated through)

Stove Top: Set to medium high and add meat to saute pan. Use tongs to break up and mix thoroughly until heated through.

Enjoy by itself or add a starch and veggie of choice. For added flavor, add one of our house-made sauces.

Nutritional Information: